Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beachy Details

We love all the pretty pastel beach houses in Gulf Shores and Pensacola. Our house needed a fresh coat of paint after 8 years, so we did pay someone to do that. And this time it was painted with a special ceramic paint that is suppose to last 24 plus years.They paint lighthouses with it,so it should hold up to the winds and rain we get right off the lake..We had no desire to paint a two story. I had painted our last ranch style before we moved..and I did most of it myself, except the tall ladder work, (too high) and under the eaves, (neck breaker)..Thanks Don for doing that part. I really like to paint tho. It's actually relaxing.. Since I took tole lessons in the 80's, I will paint about anything that doesn't move.. Kudos Dear Marj for having the patience to teach me and Michele.. You brought out my hidden "talent" and I get compliments all the time. I had no idea I could use the things you taught me so often. I feel blessed to have the ability to use all the gifts God gave me...You never know what you can do until you try. And Dons says..It's only paint...if you don't like it, you can paint over it ! He's a great cheerleader in all my endeavors
I wanted the house blue again..only a brighter, beachy blue. I got out my brushes and I painted all the shutter slats , the gingerbread trim, and even the porch rail slats and balusters, ceiling fan blades, etc. Men have asked me how I convinced Don to paint so much pastel on it.. well I tell them "he's secure in his manliness, he likes beach house colors, and I would have done it anyway !" All summer long we will see golf carts cruise up to our property line sneaking up from the waters edge, and stop and stare.. I will often step out on the front porch to say hi, and they will rave on about how "beachy" it looks.. I smile inside and out. We added a outside shower, to rinse off after playing in the lake.. or even to have a shower under the stars or anytime the coast is clear...It is tucked between the bay windows and the porch it is pretty private. The shower privacy "wall" is an old long surfboard... My friend Teresa had moved it all over the country..a bargain at $15. I got out my mosaic supplies..and did a scene on both sides. It's one of my favorite things...! You grab a towel, jump in the shower..plenty of HOT water. There's some Calgon liquid soap... let it take you away !!!

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