Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicken Pantry door

I needed a pantry door in the new house we built..and I had to do this chicken.. I was so intimidated to start it..so I hauled the plain door 7 hours to a friends house.. Dear Michele...she was here to guide me thru the hard parts..She is so talented...She did her chickens on some wood panels she would later use like a shutter set.. so we jumped in and painted for days. Took a shopping break or two, and looked back at the accomplishment and smiled. I then hauled the door 7 more hours back home. Then the next trip to the lake house, I hauled it 1,000 miles. I don't think I will ever part with this door.. I don't think I could paint it again! I know I never would have attempted it, without Michele to get me thru it. Thanks Girlfriend... I always think of you when I see this door..and I smile !

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  1. I am seeing permission to use the photo of the painted pantry door with your beautiful artwork of rooster and hen. No effort is required on your part, I will save from your website once permission is granted.

    I am currently writing a pantry design E-book and would like to use the photo for an example. I would gratefully credit you for the source of the photo and list a website link of your choice.

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    Renee Matt
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