Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Mermaid

I have wanted a Mermaid for our lake house.. so finally saw one at a cement yard ornament place.. we drove past  it and spotted it hanging on a building in the lot.. it looked like it was going to be huge..so a month later I went back to check it out.. It was only 3ft. tall.. and oh so afordable.. It is cement so kinda heavy.. brought it home, primed it, and painted it.. added some glitter sparkle.. all mermaids shimmer... then the bling of diamonds..from all the treasures they find in the deep blue sea..She is hanging by the back door entry.. since it is the door visitors get to first from the road.. our front of the house faces the water.! Stop by and say Hi to the mermaid !


  1. Oh she's so pretty! She fits right in...I can't believe you haven't named her yet. She has to have a name! :)

  2. sisnpriss@yahoo.comMay 11, 2013 at 5:49 PM

    OMG!!!! She is amazing, and looks real good on your house. I must have missed this somehow. You are so talented!!! I hope one day we can finally meet.

  3. Thanks sisnpriss I have wanted a large mermaid for the lake house for ages. Hey Robin over at Candycreek.. when u come for your visit..we need to name her for sure.