Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mantle decorated for Christmas

I don't decorate our house nearly as heavy as I used to for the holidays.. I keep it simple.. It is so time consuming, and I get claustrophobic with too much clutter... thanks to watching Hoarders.. Plus we  get up and go sometimes for the winter months..and  I don't want to come back a few months later to put it all away. Plus my mood and taste in decor tends to change a i go with what has my interest. This year I put my Jim Shore Collectibles on the mantle , and added some fresh pine boughs. Then I took OLD OLD ornaments that were on our tree when I was a child.. one thing I was so happy my late Mother gave to me years ago... These were my late Fathers  favorites too. They are so old and fragile.. I know my favorite one is the red one with Silent night and a church on it in white. But the shapes are also unique to that era. As many times as we moved when I was growing up, and we really didn't  have a lot of  stuff we moved.. I really am amazed these survived. Maybe you recognize some of these  too.

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