Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas at Tiffanys... tree theme 2011

I planned to have pink and blue ornaments this year. Only because I could not  find enough small blue ornaments in the color I wanted.. I knew I could use some things to MAKE ornaments in blue..I started to decorate and knew I needed MORE things or I was going to have to use pink also,since I had them from last year. So I went to my studio and started  poking around for more ornies.. then it hit me.. I grabbed tiara napkin rings, a full size  tiara. some Tiffany boxes I had.  Even had a piece of soft blue fabric for the tree skirt. I set the tree up in front of the blue framed mirror. I had bought a tri-colored blue plant poke, with beads and sequins on it..I cut it apart, put some for the topper, and tucked others in the branches. used a large "diamond ring" napkin ring for the Topper.  I had bought some large  blue sequins with the holes off set, knowing i would string them in garland, some see thru blue snoflakes and some larger ones in jewel box  blue, and JOY letters also. I added my suede Tiffany jewelry bags, and some miniture  tiara napkin rings, and strings of "pearl" beads.. it is dripping with Pearls !! Under the tree, the blue fabric, some Tiffany gift boxes, and bags, more pearls, a LARGE loose "diamond", alas, it is only glass, a tiara  headband. It was amazing how many things  I already had in my studio, since it is decorated "girly" I scavanged that room.  I still have more decorating to do.. but loving the tree with my Tiffany Box blue walls. I love my PINK.. but this year I love this look !

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