Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Windows & woodwork

Windows will be finished tomorrow. We have had the trim off for several weeks waiting for windows. They got 1/2 the windows installed Friday.. tomorrow they will finish. Don got all the window sill and pretty trim back on.. of course the new windows are thicker so he had to re cut all the window sill wood. I caulked for 7 hours to make them pretty.. and need to slap a fresh coat of white on the trim to make them perfect. OH they are so pretty..and we can already tell the difference in no drafts.  It has been a hassle but worth. I will bake some cookies while installers are here and we have a new microwave to mount on the wall.. so that will take the day up. I did buy some more fabric for my gathering room, and new glass as soon as I get the rest of the windows caulked  I get to work on the new room so we can get it done !  Time for sleep..long day ahead.

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