Thursday, June 3, 2010

My "To DO" list

Yes I have one... always have one.. I can't live with out a list.. I enjoy completing a job so I can mark it OFF..sometimes  I do a chore.. and write it ON the list after I do I can mark it off.. Here it is June..and due to so much travel back and forth to Utah do to family health issues.. my list is growing and I can't mark stuff off.. Don is going to have to go back to Utah soon to be with his dear Mom and family, I am going to take a break and stay home the next trip..and work on my LIST.. I have some interesting and fun projects I want to do. Repaint my mailbox, sew a mermaid "costume"  to display over an old oar.. for the stair well. Oh her fin is going to be most awesome.. Need to paint some new shutters, since we reopened the kitchen window this week..we totally closed it in several years ago when we had the garage added..We didn't want to look at a garage from the kitchen was right there in our face.. BUT we opened the lower part of the window back up, and added some awesome Waterford crystal look window film to distort the shape of the garage,,and let prisms of light in.. NICE.. so we had added a glass door cabinet over the sink.when we closed that window up.. This week we opened the entire window.. cut the back out of the glass front cabinet and now light comes all the way in the window thru the glass doors.. I am waiting for UPS to bring the waterford crystal film I need to help distort the garage The mini chandelier got hung in the kitchen..I have to hang all the pretty sparkles on it today..and I can post a pix of it.. SO come back often the next  few weeks.. I will be posting my projects !! I have missed my BLOG.. but I am BACK with a fire in me..ready to get stuff done..

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