Tuesday, September 22, 2009

recycled window

A few years ago I bought 10 old windows at Goodwill..cheep ..and everywhere you looked people were decorating with them. So I took this one, bought a poster from allposters.com and decoupaged it on the glass, the inside of the window so it looks like you are looking in at the poster.. The poster did not fit the window perfectly, so I ripped and tore the edges to make it look antique, imperfect. The I added paint in several colors that matched colors in the poster. Get out the mod podge and grab a poster, magazine pictures, calendar pages.. I have used calenders before, the pages can be thick paper..so soak it for few seconds..once it is wet.you can peel of the heavy backing. A little practice, because some days it's wrinkles, bubbles and tears.. but it doesn't have to be perfect. It gives it character.

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