Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beachy Bathroom

Our half bath was a true experiment.. I was just starting to mosaic, and wanted to do a mosaic for the sink to sit in..then I was thinking how wonderful it would be to have one of the custom painted sinks I had seen ..but not in this lifetime would I pay what they wanted.. so I ran across the porceline/ceramic paint that is baked in the oven..WELL, I we had the plain white sink, we took it home to Colorado, after one of our working trips at the lake..yes..950 miles back to Co. it went.. I found a stained glass book with mermaids.. got my vision.. and got to work.. Who would think you could bake a sink ? I had to try..plain white sinks are inexpensive.. I think it turned out great, and has held up just fine ! The mosaic, well Don cut me the wood at the lake.. we hauled it back to CO. and i did the mosaic there, then back to the lake and installed it and grouted it. Look close to find a star fish, turtle, Koi fish, sea horse..and a little ceramic flip flop I got at Jimmy Buffets "Margaritaville" holds my ring when washing up..the backsplash... look to the right and see a pink hammock between two palms, a sharks fin by the hot water knob, and the sun in the corner..with a stripe umbrella on the far left.. I embedded real shells for some 3-D effect. The bathroom walls have light house mural, with a beach fence and shore birds , this fence goes all around the room. The palm trees I used a stencil for the tops and sheet rock mud I tinted to give it color.. the mud makes a great texture..later I added more color to make it pop..the shelf on the wall holds a cute lighthouse , a gift from Robin at Candy Creek..fits the room just right.the The wood Noah and friends stays in the room year round, a painted gift from dear Michele. Bella the mermaid we picked up in Florida last year...she kept the hurricanes away from us while we were there for 2 months..she travels back and forth to Fl. now to bring us luck. The blue frame with the hand painted mermaid, Maddie did for me..she was 10 at the time, and what a great artist..I love it..perfect ! I laid the floor tiles, they look like sandstone, or beach sand..Don was recuperating from shoulder surgery at the he cut the cement board for me..and a couple odd shape tiles for me..I did the rest.. I LOVE to tile. This room turned out like I hoped.

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