Thursday, December 3, 2009

The den

Here is the room we use to sit and enjoy the lake view all seasons. We wanted wood floors to go with the wood on the Juke box. It was a 25th wedding anniversary gift we gave ourselves. Holds 100 cds, and also we went to the beach for a month. Awesome anniversary...11 years ago ! We picked out hardwood cherry floor and couldn't decide on a color..we went with cherry and cinnamon, and layed it in a stripe pattern.. It was so easy to lay. We call it the Bowling alley look. The shelves are for our Hallmark Kiddie Car collection.. we also have a few real full sized pedal cars, and a reproduction pink trike. The chairs we placed looking out the bay windows.. We can see the geese, ducks, seagulls, and even white pelicans when they migrate through.. There's always something to look at.. from wildlife to people putting in boats at the ramp.. We are so glad we opened up the stairwell, to have a open feel...being able to see into the living room helps open the space. The little chair in the corner was Dons grandpas original dining chair. It is so tiny, and looks hand whittled. The seat was missing so Don cut a new seat and I covered it with a cowhide. I think it's cute.

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