Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Think Pink..from tulips to table skirt !

A quick break for a look at spring popping up ! My bed of tulips of pinks, red, whites, lavender are reaching for the suns warmth... SO am I ! Things are greening up here at the lake, after several days of wind, wind and more cold wind. But the cold wind brought in some white pelicans and some black lake ducks but I didn't catch a clear picture of them..I plan to plant some rose bushes in my flower bed soon. I need to decide, a mixed variety, or PINK, my signature color. Speaking of pink, I have not abandoned my craft studio..making good progress. I am now cleaning out and thinning out stuff from that..and then I will start putting the room back together. It has not been with out some stops and starts.. the table skirt I first made from a vision...well more like a nightmare.. it had to go. I looked at it on the table for 30 minutes..took a lunch break and snatched it off the table, started cutting seams apart to re use fabric..and this is what I ended up with, and no, you will not be seeing the scarry ugly one I made first...If I would have went with this idea first..(it was my first idea.. it would have been one color..BUT no I changed and went to plan B and after hours of cutting, sewing, gathering..and cutting back apart I settled for 2 colors..since I had cut all fabric up..even had the curtain toppers cut and started..and decided NOT to do fabric toppers.no one heard me cursing??did they??. decided..simplify...its french country/ shabby chic, simplified ! I will finish this.. soon ! I know you will check back to see how and IF I can pull this off! AND if this isn't enough.. we won a bid on ebay for a awesome dresser I can paint, yes paint it"french country", the dresser has awesome curves to it..yes , another vision is involved.. must get the room ready so when the dresser arrives I can paint and mosaic it. Gotta go.. lots to do ! I must be crazy...Till then,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Hello my friend...I just came to say how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your dear mama...I have no words that could even begin to ease the hurt and loss you must feel at this moment....I can't not even imagine the thought of losing a mama...but you are in my heart and prayers and I do know God will see you thru this dark hour and I know you will smile again as you remember the precious memories of your mama and the life and love she shared....God bless you sweetie....I am so sorry.