Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet Retreat for Summer

I have been thinking of the upcoming spring and summer. The past two years we have not been able to spend many weeks at the lake due to ill family and friends in other states. Sadly we lost friends and family. Now we want to spend some quality time at the lake.. Today  I envisioned time on the porch.. Having a slice of pie, and sweet tea, or cookies and lemonade.  To enjoy some sunsets with friends on the porch with us is something  I am so looking forward to.. So I shall call it  "Sweet Retreat" !  Lets hit the porch this year and enjoy the sunsets, fireflies, some fish making ripples on the lake..and a few ducks floating by.

1 comment:

  1. ok sis I'll hit the porch with you this year with one promise from you...if we see fireflies this year then we both have to try and catch them and put them in jars! :) Keep my chair sitting right where it is and I'll be right on over!! Love you! I like to refer to Sweet Retreat as Sweet Paradise because it's always so peaceful and relaxing.